• Aness Al-Khateeb - BSCE 2 Award

  • Deidre Chang - White Coat Award

  • Vennela Reddy - BSCE 1 Award

  • Nita Avrith - Clinical Skills Golden Stethoscope Award

Spring 2013 Fifth Term Awards; Recognition of Excellence

Five distinguished students were recognized for academic excellence and altruistic service to the Grenadian Community at the bi-annual 5th term awards ceremony, held at Patrick Adams Hall on Thursday May 9.

Vennela Reddy and Aness Al-Khateeb walked away with the BSCE 1 and BSCE 2 awards respectively which was bestowed to the persons with the highest scores on those exams. Nita Avrith was the recipient of the Clinical Skills Golden Stethoscope Award for outstanding academic performance in clinical skills, interpersonal skills and humanitarianism.

Introduced in Spring 2012, The IEA (Iota Epsilon Alpha) Outstanding Service Award was presented to Ryan Cappa for his dedicated service to the Grenadian and student community through outreach initiatives, while demonstrating exceptional academic performance. The much coveted white coat award for professionalism, humanism and qualities which exemplify the ‘White Coat’ was given to Deidre Chang, who was nominated and selected by her classmates.

The 5th term students leave to commence two years of clinical training, and upon successful completion will be conferred their doctor of medicine degree from St. George’s University. We congratulate each of the students on a job well done and wish them the best in their journey to continued success.


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