Family Weekend: Rekindling and a New Awakening

Family Weekend: Rekindling and a New Awakening

An animated Brian Cassidy, MD SGU ’85, sat at a table recounting his rich experience at the St.George’s University to a captive audience. He was at the time enjoying a sumptuous luncheon at the Spice Basket as part of the Eco Tour, one of the activities at an action-packed Family Weekend, held at the beginning of each term at SGU. Thirty years after he himself was a student, Dr. Cassidy returned in a different role, yet it was no less exciting. He is the proud father of a first-term medical student, and for him, there could be no other choice for his son, Gregory, than St. George’s University.

“I had a great education here – I loved the island, I loved the people, and my transition back to being a physician in the United States was quite easy with the education I got here,” Dr. Cassidy said. “St. George’s and Grenada helped provide that education. I will always have fond memories of Grenada and I hope my son has the same experience.”

Dr. Cassidy and his wife, Linda, joined hundreds of other proud parents visiting Grenada for Family Weekend, which gives parents the opportunity to explore and familiarize themselves with the True Blue campus and the island of Grenada. The weekend also included campus tours, yoga on Grand Anse Beach, a trip to vibrant Fish Friday in Gouyave, a Creole brunch with SGU faculty, a catamaran sailing trip, and much more.

On the Eco Tour, parents and other family members were taken on an exciting tour of two of Grenada spectacular tourist attractions; the Grand Etang Crater Lake in the Parish of St. Andrew and Annandale Waterfall in St. George’s. It was an adventure as conversations hummed merrily, thousands of pictures were snapped, and connections made. For the more adventurous spirits, the Annandale Waterfall presented a cool respite on a humid tropical island day. Many cheered on the fearless jumpers who plunged 30 feet into the basin below, a truly spectacular sight.

Cassidy said he was very happy to see the development of both the True Blue campus and Grenada. “The change in the True Blue Campus from what it was when I was here in 1981 to today is mind boggling. It’s a beautiful campus.” Following the Family Weekend Eco Tour, he said, “We had a great day. It’s still a gorgeous island.”

While it was a rekindling for the Cassidy family, for the Prakashs it was a whole new experience. E.K. and Sonia Prakash came all the way from Dallas, Texas, to experience the Spice Isle and visit their son, first-term medical student Abishek Prakash. Mrs. Prakash was pleased that her son could experience such a vibrant and diverse campus. After experiencing the island firsthand, she and her husband were convinced that their son made the right choice.

“My doctor friends felt that, compared to other universities’ students, SGU students are superior in patient care because they get used to the clinical side much earlier in the program,” Mr. Prakash noted.

At the end of the day, there were hugs, smiles, new friendships forged, great food and music, beautiful scenery, and, most of all, the spirit of adventure. The next Family Weekend is scheduled for January 31 – February 2, 2014. For more information, visit the Family Weekend webpage.

by Ria Murray

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