St. George’s University Students Usher in a Season of Goodwill

St. George’s University Students Usher in a Season of Goodwill

St. George’s University students from the Iota Epsilon Alpha (IEA) Medical Honors Society and Urban Humanitarian Projects (UHP) ushered in a season of goodwill with building renovations and gifts of mattresses for residents of the Richmond Hill Home and Dorothy Hopkins Home, respectively.

On Thursday, November 28, the students unveiled a new and improved Richmond Hill Home, a residence for the elderly in Grenada. Several windows, cabinet doors, and counter tops were replaced at this institution, valued at over $15,000EC.

“We are grateful for the work done to improve the quality of life of our residents,” stated Dr. Samuel Pierre, Director of Hospital Services.  “Residents of Richmond Hill are our senior citizens who have worked tirelessly to build the country and its economy. The generosity of St. George’s University and its students to enhance the conditions under which they live at this stage in their lives is very noble.”

According to the Co-President of UHP, Brian Nelson, “Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and we are particularly thankful to unveil this project today and to have had the opportunity to contribute to residents of Grenada in a significant way. We spend 100 percent of the money raised by the UHP on projects in Grenada and we have been able to increase our reach due to the collaborative efforts of the SGU and Grenadian business community.” Co-president Jennifer Tran echoed that, “Our main focus is to improve the quality of life in the local community through education and health care.”

In addition to the Richmond Hill Home, IEA and UHP donated 27 mattresses to the Dorothy Hopkins Home valued at over $11,000 EC. This home houses forty residents (40) between the ages of 2 and 56. Catherine John, President of the Board for the past nine months expressed elation, stating, “This donation is very significant because it is a needed commodity which we have been attempting to acquire for some time with no avail. It will definitely make the residents very comfortable; and to get so much at one time is unbelievable!”

The students of IEA and UHP have also helped construct two bathrooms for students at the Telescope primary school, are assisting with the reconstruction efforts at Vendome primary school, and building closets and replacing damaged countertops at the Bel Air Orphanage in Calliste.

Additionally the group is conducting a national asthma survey for six- and seven- year old children with plans to secure a bilirubinometer for the General Hospital and to purchase 16 nebulizers for asthma patients for use in ambulances and health clinics around Grenada.

About Urban Humanitarian Projects

UHP is a registered non-profit organization in New York, established by St. George’s University School of Medicine student Santhosh Cherian, while he was the president of IEA.  In 2010 Cherian and six friends from St. George’s University formed the SGU chapter under the fiscal sponsorship of the Foundation of Philanthropic Funds (FJC). Since then the SGU chapter of UHP has held large bi-annual drives including the famous Wii Olympics, (a six hour fun-filled video game tournament) with participants from SGU and the local community. The monies raised through these initiatives have been generously matched by the University Chancellor, Dr.  Charles Modica, and donated to a number of humanitarian projects in Grenada. To date UHP has raised in excess of $300,000EC with over $150,000EC used in the development of health and education in Grenada. The UHP chapter at St. George’s University and IEA are committed to using all the monies raised for the benefit of the people of Grenada.

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