SGU Students Donate $20,600EC to the GSPCA Animal Shelter

SGU Students Donate $20,600EC to the GSPCA Animal Shelter

The joint efforts of St. George’s University Student Government Association (SGA) and School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) Surgery Club led to a donation of $20,600EC to the Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) Animal Shelter.

“All of our events are fundraisers, and this is a significant donation,” stated SGA member Robert Brady. “We are confident that with this donation the GSPCA will be able to raise the standard of care given to animals in Grenada and extend their reach to those most in need.”

This donation will be used to help offset the costs of surgical procedures, and to finance the construction of an outdoor run for dogs, general maintenance at the shelter, and purchase of equipment, supplies, medication, and food to ensure the wellbeing of pets within its care.

“The gratitude expressed for this donation was overwhelming and provided all the encouragement we need to bolster our fundraising efforts to make a difference where we can,” added SVM Surgery Club Treasurer Abigail Coppola.

The SGA hosts several fundraising initiatives each term and one hundred percent of the funds are donated to Grenada charities, with past donations that have included Grenada’s General Hospital, local schools, and non-profit organizations with a focus on social development.

“It’s great when we can give back whether its $50EC or $50,000EC,” said Brady. “With the opportunity we’ve been given to study in Grenada, we take the privilege in sharing our opportunities with its people, and that’s always a good thing.”

Future projects by the Student Government Association include sponsoring the purchase of a bilirubinometer, used to determine the levels of bilirubin present in the blood, to the General Hospital.

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