A Song for History; SGU CASA Holds Karaoke Fundraiser to Paint Historical Mural

A Song for History; SGU CASA Holds Karaoke Fundraiser to Paint Historical Mural

In upcoming months, the Caribbean Students Association (CASA), a St. George’s University student group, in collaboration with the youth organization The Leo Club will encapsulate Grenadian historical events by creating a mural in the town of St. George’s. Raising funds through such events as last month’s karaoke competition, CASA President Sherelle Yeates hopes that the mural will build awareness of Grenada’s history and foster national pride.

“We hope that the mural will serve to remind all of us to embrace our identity,” said Ms. Yeates. “It is not just when Grenada stands on the world stage that we have to be proud. Even though we are small, we can still be positive and strong. Our history offers so much to be proud of.”

Two locations are being considered for the mural – outside the Sendall Tunnel and near the Grenada Postal Corporation in Burns Point. The group will be calling on local artists to assist with painting the mural and welcomes suggestions on what to include.

The main fundraiser for the mural painting was “CASAoke,” a karaoke competition held February 28 at Black Sand Beach, True Blue campus. Faculty, staff, and students turned out to lend their voices to the cause, delivering patriotic, soulful, and overall entertaining renditions of local and international tunes. Ms. Yeates said the event exceeded the group’s expectations.

“We received so much support from the SGU community, especially fellow student groups,” she exclaimed. “SGU has some great singers. We had so much fun while raising funds for a worthy cause and everyone was asking when we’d be doing this again.”

The group still needs to raise additional funds for the mural project and will hold another fundraiser soon in addition to seeking sponsorship from local businesses. To get involved or to donate, please email CASA at casasgu@gmail.com.

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