Drs. Shivayogi and Bharti Bhusnurmath Join the  International Society for Oncopathology

Drs. Shivayogi and Bharti Bhusnurmath Join the International Society for Oncopathology

Drs. Shivayogi and Bharti Bhusnurmath were invited to join the International Society for Oncopathology (ISOPath) following three presentations they delivered at an ISOPath Continuing Medical Education Conference, held in early January at Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences in India. Presentations were done on advances in cancer pathology in the 21st century, how to treat pathology in a clinical problem-solving context, and teaching medical students and postgraduate residents how to wisely interpret laboratory investigations in patients. Participants included over 200 delegates, pathologists, university professors, and residents from India, the US, and Canada. The presentations were profound since they advocated the development of personalized / individualized medicine.

“If there are five women with breast cancer which look similar under the microscope, each of those five may need a different type of therapy based on what sort of markers are present,” explained Dr. Shivayogi Bhusnurmath, who with his wife, Bharti, co-chairs SGU’s Department of Pathology. “It’s not one size fits all. Similarly, in regard to people with high blood pressure, not all will respond in the same way to the same drug. There are tests which can be done to show changes in DNA and genes that can help doctors decide what particular medicine should be given.”

This new alliance with ISOPath opens a wealth of opportunities not only for the Bhusnurmaths, but also St. George’s University. “It is a prestige for St. George’s University and solidifies our motto to ‘Think Beyond,’” Dr. Bhusnurmath stated. “Our affiliation with ISOPath will further the University’s international presence and global outreach in the medical field, and it will also create an opportunity whereby distinguished academicians can sign up to become visiting professors at St. George’s University, increasing our knowledge pool.”

Dr. Bhusnurmath, also the Co-Director of the Education Committee of the Association of Indian Pathologists of North America (AIPNA), noted that the ISOPath distinction gives SGU students a competitive advantage for residency matching.

ISOPath is a society of well-known pathologists from around the world who are interested in oncologic pathology. Its primary purposes are to promote and support oncologic pathology, education, and research; cooperate with organizations in the field of oncologic pathology as well as other medical specialties; promote the study of oncologic pathology and encourage the highest standards in the practice and teaching of oncologic pathology.

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