St. George’s University Veterinary Outreach Program Educates Farmers on Caring for Sheep and Goats

St. George’s University Veterinary Outreach Program Educates Farmers on Caring for Sheep and Goats

A team of faculty members from St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine traveled to Carriacou on Friday, April 4, to conduct a one-day veterinary outreach workshop with goat and sheep farmers from the sister isle. Established by Dr. Ravindra Sharma, the Train the Trainers veterinary outreach program provides education, training, and support to local farmers.

The group met with more than 30 farmers and Ministry officials from Carriacou and Petite Martinique, providing insight into the basics of small ruminant husbandry, feeding and nutrition, parasites in goats and sheep, and small ruminants and zoonoses.

“Small ruminant farming represents one of the most important economic activities on the island of Carriacou,” said Dr. Sylvester, Assistant Professor at SGU’s Small Animal Clinic. “Goats and sheep are reared on various scales throughout the island, and there are numerous challenges facing small ruminant farmers in Carriacou. The Outreach Committee assisted these farmers by providing meaningful information and solutions through this scientific seminar.”

The one-day workshop, led by Drs. Diana Stone, Wayne Sylvester, and Gemma Tyner, as well as Ms. Catherine Wybern and Mr. Graeme Stratton,  featured a scientific session and later a practical component with demonstrations on how to identify parasites, hoof trimming, nutrition, and more. St. George’s University hopes to continue this initiative in Carriacou, bringing information and training to the doorsteps of neighboring farmers, as is annually done in Grenada.

“The Grenadian economy depends to a large extent on the success of the agricultural industry,” said Ms. Wybern, Director of Development within the School of Veterinary Medicine. “Our primary goal will always be to identify the needs of the farmers and to provide the necessary information and support that will better strengthen the agricultural industry in Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.”

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