Phi Zeta Honor Society Initiation Ceremony

Phi Zeta Honor Society Initiation Ceremony

The St. George’s University Alpha Delta Chapter of the Phi Zeta Honor Society of Veterinary Medicine held a ceremony at the Caribbean House Great Hall to honor 26 outstanding initiates.

“While it is the responsibility of SGU to create an academic environment that facilitates and fosters student success, I assert that students should also do their part. These inductees have demonstrated just that, and hence we gather here, this evening, amidst this august audience, to honor them accordingly,” said Dr. Muhammad Bhaiyat as he welcomed the inductees who were being honored for achieving academic excellence and good character.

In addition to the 24 students, two faculty members were also inducted by Phi Zeta and recognized for their role in the advancement of the veterinary profession. Dr. Peter Daels, professor in Equine Reproduction (UGent, Belgium) delivered the keynote address, which highlighted the Society’s goal of promoting scholarship and research relevant to the welfare and diseases of animals.

by Ray-Donna Peters

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