Graduate Studies Program Renamed to School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies Program Renamed to School of Graduate Studies

The Graduate Studies Program at St. George’s University has reverted back to its original name – the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) – in response to the growth of the program which now offers more than 30 distinct graduate programs. Although the vision, structure, and administration of the school will remain the same, explained Dr. Calum Macpherson, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, the proposed value attributed to the name change is expected to be most beneficial to the University’s students and alumni.

“We have recognized the growth of graduate studies research at SGU since 1994, and it has necessitated the reconsideration of its status as a program, prompting its reestablishment as the School of Graduate Studies.” said Dr. Macpherson. “It will hopefully have a positive impact on existing students in the program and on future recruits. Also a ‘School’ rather than a ‘Program’ of Graduate Studies will enhance the academic profile of SGU locally, regionally, and internationally.”

St. George’s University established the School of Graduate Studies in 1994 but changed its name to the Graduate Studies Program (GSP) six years into its existence. More than two decades since it welcomed its first class of students, the program has graduated more than 1,100 students. It now offers a wide range of degree options, including a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science, Master of Public Health, Master of Business Administration, Master of International Business, and Master of Arts. In addition, students can earn dual degrees such as the MD/MPH, DVM/MPH, MD/MSc and DVM/MBA in the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Arts and Sciences. It continues to expand, with a Master of Education degree program debuting in 2016.

The graduation ceremony for School of Graduate Studies is held in conjunction with SAS in May of each year at the True Blue Campus in Grenada. The SGS aims to achieve and sustain excellence in every area of its graduate programs, courses, research and scholarly activities, evolving its reputation as a world-class program, and enriching international, national, and regional communities through the outcomes of its programs and the skills of its graduates.

Recently, the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) re-accredited SGU’s Master of Public Health program through 2022. Established in 1999, the MPH track became fully accredited by the CEPH in July 2010, making it the only accredited program in the region and only one of five such programs accredited by the CEPH outside of the US.

By Ray-Donna Peters

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