SGU-WIM Donates EC $20,000 to Grenada Cancer Society

SGU-WIM Donates EC $20,000 to Grenada Cancer Society

Women in Medicine (WIM), a St. George’s University student group, has donated EC$20,000 to the Grenada Cancer Society following its bi-annual 5K Pink Fun Run. The event drew its largest-ever crowd and resulted in WIM’s highest single donation to the Society. Over the past two years, WIM has contributed more than EC$28,000 to the Society in its effort to fight female reproductive cancers.

“These funds will be used to aid women with reproductive cancers, especially those who have difficulty affording the cost of diagnosis and treatment” said John Ventour, Vice President of the Grenada Cancer Society. “Cancer is not just a health issue but a social and economic one that places great financial burden on those affected. We are really thankful for this donation, which will go a long way in helping women with cancers in Grenada.”

Women in Medicine has made fighting female reproductive cancers a major part of its work in Grenada. “WIM advocates for women’s health, and one of our biggest missions is to decrease the incidence of female reproductive cancers in Grenada.” said WIM Co-President Ellen Rowe.

“The money raised by WIM for the Grenada Cancer Society was done thanks to the amazing student community here at SGU,” added co-president Karishma Tolani. “This large amount would not have been possible without the help of each person who participated in or supported our cause.”
The Pink Run, WIM’s main fundraiser, is a highly anticipated fitness activity held twice a year. In addition, WIM co-hosts regular health fairs in which it provides free breast exams and educates women on breast self-examination and breast self-awareness. The students are directly supervised in their examinations by SGU senior physicians and Teaching Fellows. Since 2009, 1500 breast examinations have been performed, and referrals are made to physicians at the Health Centers or to the private physicians if any problems are identified.

The student group recently partnered with Globe-athon, a group of international physicians who travel the world providing cancer diagnosis and treatments with the aim of ending women’s cancers below the belt. Medical students, again under direct supervision, provided blood pressure evaluation, breast examinations and Pap smears for SGU staff, family and friends in 2016.

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