Saving Our Ecosystem One Step at a Time; SGU Students Talk Recycling in Grenada

Saving Our Ecosystem One Step at a Time; SGU Students Talk Recycling in Grenada

A recycling symposium aimed at generating environmental awareness, and furthering the efforts of the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority was held on March 18, at St. George’s University by Education Conservation, Outreach (ECO) – a student-led environmental organization. In attendance were faculty, staff and students from St. George’s University, and T.A Marryshow Community College.

The symposium focused on recycling and waste disposal by emphasizing responsibility and accountability.

Michael Mitchell, a representative from Spice Isle Recycling, a local business recently awarded by Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce for environmental excellence, urged the attendees to be the catalyst of change. Comparing humanity to a graduation date, he appealed to the audience to envision this decade as the final exam. He stated, “We are at a turning point in the global economy and interventions are direly needed. We were meant to work with nature and not against it so let’s have a more positive and respectful attitude towards our environment. The actions of each individual counts; and the contributions, though small, can make a huge difference.”

Senior Public Relations Officer at Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority (GSWMA), Myrna Julien, stressed that “Environmental conservation is a collaborative effort. While the Authority is committed to recycling initiatives and waste management in Grenada, the onus is on each one of us to make Grenada a greener and more sustainable nation.”

ECO was established in October 2010 to facilitate environmental awareness through education and research. According to ECO president, Wayne Smart, “Our goal is to assist and carry out research within the field of marine and terrestrial biology, conservation and wildlife biology, and to create an awareness of local, regional and international environmental issues that impact small island states like Grenada.”

With Symposiums like these and in keeping with their mandate for education, it is their hope to ‘Save the ecosystem – one step at a time!’



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