Women in Medicine Mentors Adolescent Mothers

Women in Medicine Mentors Adolescent Mothers

St. George’s University student group Women in Medicine (WIM) continued its longstanding collaboration with the Program for Adolescent Mothers (PAM), a Grenadian school for teen moms, inviting about 20 young ladies from the school to SGU for a workshop. The key focus of this workshop, held April 18, 2013, was on empowering the young women by teaching them to be assertive in making and communicating their choices. Guest presenters also taught peace skills, sexual health and self defense.

“Working with them was such an amazing opportunity. Adolescent mothers are often made to feel shameful, and for them to move forward and be empowered in their lives, they have to be given the tools. The workshop was a small step in the right direction,” commented Corinne Vidulich, one of the organisers of the workshop.

The PAM students heard presentations from artists Maureen St. Clair and Damarlie Antoine on empowerment through peace and art education and SGU faculty members Dr. Amy Baldwin on women’s health, Dr. Barbara Landon on assertiveness and empowerment and black belt and Tae-kwon-do expert David Shaw on self defense.

About Women in Medicine:

WIM is a committee that advocates for the interests of women in medicine, particularly physicians-in-training. It promotes women’s health, emphasizing well-being and autonomy and works for the inclusion of women’s health issues in medical school curricula and continuing medical education. The organization also works to affirm the basic right of reproductive freedom and to educate women to become full participants in their own health care.

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