MISIT Invites Kids to Byte Into IT

MISIT Invites Kids to Byte Into IT

St. George’s University’s Management Information Systems/Information Technology (MISIT) Student Association recently launched BeIT, a program geared at sharing some of its IT knowledge with young technology users. Working together with the Athletic Development Group (ADG), MISIT held its first session for kids age 8-12 at the University on Saturday, December 7, conducting an Internet safety workshop that covered topics like social media, online predators, spam, and computer viruses.

“More and more children are having access to the Internet, and at their tender age, they are most vulnerable to some of its dangers,” said Kensuke Morris, MISIT president. “Ninety percent of the children who participated had access to the Internet at home and they were all very receptive to what we had to say.”

During the workshop, the kids had the opportunity to ask questions and at the end, they played an online safety game, with certificates of participation and workbooks with puzzles and other internet safety games to take home.

The Management Information Systems and Information Technology Association functions as a focus group for MIS and IT students, and for others interested in technology, its management, and related affairs. The group regularly lends its technical expertise to assist other student groups and members of the SGU community.

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